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The Book of Malachi

Tracey has just published her third novel, The Book of Malachi.
This is a book of speculative fiction about an inhumane medical project taking place on an abandoned oil rig in the deep sea.
Malachi, a mute survivor of an African civil war must decide whether to risk his life for the victims or let them perish. Now available at all leading bookstores in South Africa. 

The book is available in the US, Canada, UK and Commonwealth.


Farren is an exceptional writer, one of the best I’ve encountered, and not just in this country. By the time the novel ended, I was bereft, missing the characters and the setting as if I’d spent real time in an actual place. I can’t recommend this powerful novel highly enough.


Her descriptive powers are faultless, but more than that her understanding and exposition of what it is to be human, even in a broken form is magical… Sheer genius … Utterly brilliant.

Cape Times

Will have you ripping through the pages. Part thriller, part horror, part speculative fiction: this gripping read goes to the heart of ethical quandaries, forcing the reader to ask: “What if it were me?”

Sunday Times (SA)

An extraordinary, moving story that I read sometimes through the gaps in my fingers, like peeking at a horror movie — but one with hope and some exquisite visuals.

Country Life

The Book of Malachi –
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Whiplash has been republished as Tess.

Tracey was nominated for a South African Film and TV Award (SAFTA) for her screenplay, Tess, adapted from her novel, Whiplash.

The film won numerous awards at the Durban International Film Festival and the Silwerskerm Film Festival including best S.A. feature film. It screened at festivals around the world, including the BRICS, New Delhi, Brussels and Gothenburg International Film Festivals.


Now a Feature Film Tess

Tracey’s first novel, Whiplash (Modjadji Books) was inspired by the feisty street workers she met during her journalistic research. She was fascinated by the horror of their daily lives and the character, Tess was born of their indomitable spirit. Whiplash was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Literary Award and won a White Ribbon award for its role in the battle against woman and child abuse.


Tracey’s second novel, Snake (Modjadji Books) is a psychological thriller about a little farm girl who watches a charming stranger destroy her family. She calls on her intimacy with the wild and her fierce courage to try and stop him. Tracey’s screenplay adaptation of Snake has been selected by the National Film and Video Foundation for production funding. The film is currently in development with Boondogle Films.